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Genetics. Jul 1994; 137(3): 659–670.
PMCID: PMC1206025

The Dominant Pnm2(-) Mutation Which Eliminates the ψ Factor of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Is the Result of a Missense Mutation in the Sup35 Gene


The PNM2(-) mutation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae eliminates the extrachromosomal element ψ. PNM2 is closely linked to the omnipotent suppressor gene SUP35 (also previously identified as SUP2, SUF12, SAL3 and GST1). We cloned PNM2(-) and showed that PNM2 and SUP35 are the same gene. We sequenced the PNM2(-) mutant allele and found a single G -> A transition within the N-terminal domain of the protein. We tested the effects of various constructs of SUP35 and PNM2(-) on ψ inheritance and on allosuppressor and antisuppressor functions of the gene. We found that the C-terminal domain of SUP35 protein (SUP35p) could be independently expressed; expression produced dominant antisuppression. Disruption of the N-terminal domain of PNM2(-) destroyed the ability to eliminate ψ. These results imply that the domains of SUP35p act in an antagonistic manner: the N-terminal domain decreases chain-termination fidelity, while the C-terminal domain imposes fidelity. Two transcripts were observed for SUP35, a major band at 2.4 kb and a minor band at 1.3 kb; the minor band corresponds to 3' sequences only. We propose a model for the function of SUP35, in which comparative levels of N- and C-terminal domains of SUP35p at the ribosome modulate translation fidelity.

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