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Genetics. Jul 1994; 137(3): 637–646.
PMCID: PMC1206023

Specificity of the Yeast Rev3Δ Antimutator and Rev3 Dependency of the Mutator Resulting from a Defect (Rad1Δ) in Nucleotide Excision Repair


The yeast REV3 gene has been predicted to encode a DNA polymerase specializing in translesion synthesis. This polymerase likely participates in spontaneous mutagenesis, as rev3 mutants have an antimutator phenotype. Translesion synthesis also may be necessary for the mutator caused by a RAD1 (nucleotide excision repair) deletion (rad1Δ). To further examine the role of REV3 in spontaneous mutagenesis, we characterized SUP4-o mutations that arose spontaneously in strains having combinations of normal or mutant REV3 and RAD1 alleles. The largest fraction of the rev3Δ-dependent mutation rate decrease was observed for single base-pair substitutions and deletions, although the rates of all mutational classes detected in the RAD1 background were reduced by at least 30%. Interestingly, inactivation of REV3 was associated with a doubling of the number of sites at which the retrotransposon Ty inserted. rev3Δ also greatly diminished the magnitude of the rad1Δ mutator, but not to the rev3Δ antimutator level, implicating REV3-dependent and independent processes in the rad1Δ mutator effect. However, the specificity of the rev3Δ antimutator suggested that the same REV3-dependent processes gave rise to the majority of spontaneous mutations in the RAD1 and rad1Δ strains.

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