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Genetics. Jul 1992; 131(3): 643–653.
PMCID: PMC1205036

Use of a Yeast Site-Specific Recombinase to Produce Female Germline Chimeras in Drosophila


We describe an efficient method for generating female germline mosaics by inducing site-specific homologous mitotic recombination with a yeast recombinase (FLP) which is driven by a heat shock promoter. These germline mosaics are produced in flies heterozygous for the agametic, germline-dependent, dominant female sterile (DFS) mutation ovo(D1), where only flies possessing germline clones are able to lay eggs. This method, the ``FLP-DFS'' technique, is very efficient because more than 90% of females with germline clones can be recovered. We show that this heat-inducible, site-specific mitotic recombination system does not affect viability and that the germline clones recovered are physiologically the same as those created by X-ray induced mitotic recombination. We describe the parameters of FLP-recombinase induced germline mitotic recombination and the use of the ``FLP-DFS'' technique to analyze the maternal effect of X-linked zygotic lethal mutations.

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