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Genetics. 1991 Aug; 128(4): 813–821.
PMCID: PMC1204554

Interspecific Backcross Mice Show Sex-Specific Differences in Allelic Inheritance


Transmission distortion is identified as a difference in transmission frequency of two alleles from the normal 1:1 Mendelian segregation in diploid organisms. Transmission distortion can extend over part or all of a chromosome. The recent development of interspecific mouse backcrosses has provided a powerful method for multilocus mapping of entire chromosomes in a single cross, and consequently for identifying distortions in allelic inheritance. We used an interspecific backcross of [(C57BL/6J X Mus spretus)F(1) X C57BL/6J] mice to map molecular loci to mouse chromosome 2 and had previously found that the distal region of the chromosome showed distortions in allelic inheritance. We now report the mapping of five loci (Actc-1, D2Hgu1, His-1, Hox-4.1 and Neb) to chromosome 2, which, in addition to the Abl, Ada, B2m, Bmp-2a, Hc, Emv-15, Fshb, Hck-1, Pax-1, Pck-1, Spna-2 and Vim loci previously mapped in our interspecific backcross, serve as markers to measure allelic inheritance along ~75% of mouse chromosome 2. Statistical analyses are used to identify and delimit chromosomal regions showing transmission distortion and to determine whether there are sex-specific differences in allelic inheritance. These studies provide evidence for sex-specific differences in allelic inheritance for chromosome 2 and suggest biological explanations for this form of transmission distortion.

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