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Genetics. 1990 Aug; 125(4): 855–866.
PMCID: PMC1204111

A Genetic Linkage Map of Mouse Chromosome 10: Localization of Eighteen Molecular Markers Using a Single Interspecific Backcross


Interspecific mouse backcross analysis was used to generate a molecular genetic linkage map of mouse chromosome 10. The map locations of the Act-2, Ahi-1, Bcr, Braf, Cdc-2a, Col6a-1, Col6a-2, Cos-1, Esr, Fyn, Gli, Ifg, Igf-1, Myb, Pah, pg(cha), Ros-1 and S100b loci were determined. These loci extend over 80% of the genetic length of the chromosome, providing molecular access to many regions of chromosome 10 for the first time. The locations of the genes mapped in this study extend the known regions of synteny between mouse chromosome 10 and human chromosomes 6, 10, 12 and 21, and reveal a novel homology segment between mouse chromosome 10 and human chromosome 22. Several loci may lie close to, or correspond to, known mutations. Preferential transmission of Mus spretus-derived alleles was observed for loci mapping to the central region of mouse chromosome 10.

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