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Genetics. Oct 1989; 123(2): 315–326.
PMCID: PMC1203803

Genetic Analysis of Olfactory Behavior in Drosophila: A New Screen Yields the Ota Mutants


A simple means of measuring Drosophila olfactory response is described, and the behavior which it measures is characterized. The assay was used to screen for X-linked mutants defective in olfactory function. Six ota mutants were isolated and characterized (ota = olfactory trap abnormal). Four of the mutants were found to be abnormal in another chemosensory behavior as well. Two of the mutant phenotypes extend to include another sensory system: they are defective in visual system physiology. All were normal, however, in a test of giant fiber system physiology. Two of the mutations are dominant, and the recessive mutations define two complementation groups. Mutations representing each complementation group, as well as one of the dominant mutations, were mapped. For the mutants with defective visual system physiology, the visual defects were shown to cosegregate with olfactory phenotypes.

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