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Genetics. May 1989; 122(1): 139–151.
PMCID: PMC1203678

Co-Localization to Chromosome Bands 99e1-3 of the Drosophila Melanogaster Myosin Light Chain-2 Gene and a Haplo-Insufficient Locus That Affects Flight Behavior


Using overlapping synthetic deficiencies, we find that a haplo-insufficient locus affecting flight behavior and the myosin light chain-2 gene co-map to the Drosophila melanogaster polytene chromosome interval 99D9-E1 to 99E2-3. From screening over 9000 EMS-treated chromosomes, we obtained alleles of two complementation groups that map to this same interval. One of these complementation groups, Ifm(3)99Eb, exhibits dominant flightless behavior; thus, flightless behavior of the deficiency is in all likelihood due to hemizygosity of this single locus. Rescue of flightless behavior by a duplication indicates that the single allele, E38, of the Ifm(3)99Eb complementation group is a hypomorph. Based upon its map position and a reduction in concentration of myosin light chain-2 mRNA in heterozygotes, we propose that Ifm(3)99Eb(E38) is a mutant allele of the myosin light chain-2 gene. Our genetic analysis also resulted in the identification of four dominant flightless alleles of an unlinked locus, l(3)nc99Eb, that exhibits dominant lethal synergism with Ifm(3)99Eb.

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