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Genetics. Nov 1988; 120(3): 819–829.
PMCID: PMC1203559

The Coalescent Process in Models with Selection


Statistical properties of the process describing the genealogical history of a random sample of genes are obtained for a class of population genetics models with selection. For models with selection, in contrast to models without selection, the distribution of this process, the coalescent process, depends on the distribution of the frequencies of alleles in the ancestral generations. If the ancestral frequency process can be approximated by a diffusion, then the mean and the variance of the number of segregating sites due to selectively neutral mutations in random samples can be numerically calculated. The calculations are greatly simplified if the frequencies of the alleles are tightly regulated. If the mutation rates between alleles maintained by balancing selection are low, then the number of selectively neutral segregating sites in a random sample of genes is expected to substantially exceed the number predicted under a neutral model.

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