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Genetics. 1988 Nov; 120(3): 779–790.
PMCID: PMC1203556

The Mutation Bronze-Mutable 4 Derivative 6856 in Maize Is Caused by the Insertion of a Novel 6.7-Kilobase Pair Transposon in the Untranslated Leader Region of the Bronze-1 Gene


The Ds-controlled allele, bz-m4 Derivative 6856 [bz-m4 D6856], is reported to have an altered temporal- and tissue-specific pattern of gene expression. We have cloned this allele and have characterized it at the molecular level. The mutation was caused by the insertion of a complex transposon-like structure 36 base pairs downstream from the Bz mRNA cap site. The insert is 6.7-kbp long. Ds elements, each approximately 2 kbp in length, are at both ends of the insert. The sequence between the Ds elements is a partial duplication of flanking sequences from the 3' end of the Bz gene. These data suggest that Ds initially inserted near the 3' end of the gene and mobilized adjacent sequences as it transposed.

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