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Genetics. Apr 1983; 103(4): 771–783.
PMCID: PMC1202053

Gene-Centromere Mapping in Rainbow Trout: High Interference over Long Map Distances


Ten enzyme loci were mapped in relation to their centromeres in gynogenetic diploid rainbow trout. Gene-centromere map distances, calculated under the assumption of complete interference, range from 1.1 cM for Ldh4 to 50 cM for Sod1. The Idh2 and Est1 loci are linked on the same chromosome arm.—The observation of close to 100% heterozygous gynogenetic diploids for the Sod1 and Mdh3,4 loci suggests that near-complete interference occurs on the chromosome arms carrying these loci. The high interference observed in this study and in several other species of fish may be related to the small size of fish chromosome arms.—Comparisons of map locations for the Ldh3 and Ldh4 and the Mdh3 and Mdh4 loci, which were duplicated by a tetraploid event in the evolution of salmonid fish, reveal that they are located at similar distances from their centromeres. Comparative mapping of loci duplicated longer ago shows more variation in map location.—The high proportion of heterozygotes for some loci after gynogenesis involving second polar body retention demonstrates that this is not a practical method for producing homozygous inbred lines in rainbow trout; treatments suppressing the first cell division are more promising for this purpose.

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