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Genetics. Oct 1982; 102(2): 159–178.
PMCID: PMC1201931

Radiation-Sensitive Mutants of CAENORHABDITIS ELEGANS


Nine rad (for abnormal radiation sensitivity) mutants hypersensitive to ultraviolet light were isolated in the small nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. The mutations are recessive to their wild-type alleles, map to four of the six linkage groups in C. elegans and define nine new games named rad-1 through rad-9. Two of the mutants—rad-1 and rad-2—are very hypersensitive to X rays, and three—rad-2, rad-3 and rad-4—are hypersensitive to methyl methanesulfonate under particular conditions of exposure. The hypersensitivity of these mutants to more than one DNA-damaging agent suggests that they may be abnormal in DNA repair. One mutant—rad-5, a temperature-sensitive sterile mutant—shows an elevated frequency of spontaneous mutation at more than one locus; rad-4, which shows a cold-sensitive embryogenesis, reduces meiotic X-chromosome nondisjunction tenfold and partially suppresses some but not all mutations that increase meiotic X-chromosome nondisjunction; the viability of rad-6 hermaphrodites is half that of rad-6 males at 25°; and newly mature (but not older) rad-8 hermaphrodites produce many inviable embryo progeny. Meiotic recombination frequencies were measured for seven rad mutants and found to be close to normal.

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