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EMBO J. 1999 Jun 15; 18(12): 3214–3221.
PMCID: PMC1171402

Transport of the ADP/ATP carrier of mitochondria from the TOM complex to the TIM22.54 complex.


Members of the mitochondrial carrier family such as the ADP/ATP carrier (AAC) are composed of three structurally related modules. Here we show that each of the modules contains a mitochondrial import signal recognized by Tim10 and Tim12 in the intermembrane space. The first and the second module are translocated across the outer membrane independently of the membrane potential, DeltaDeltapsipsi, but they are not inserted into the inner membrane. The third module interacts tightly with the TOM complex and thereby prevents complete translocation of the precursor across the outer membrane. At this stage, binding of a TIM9.10 complex confers a topology to the translocation intermediate which reflects the modular structure of the AAC. The precursor is then transferred to the TIM9.10.12 complex, still interacting with the TOM complex. Release of the precursor from the TOM complex and insertion into the inner membrane by the TIM22.54 complex requires a DeltaDeltapsipsi-responsive signal in the third module.

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