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Biochem J. Sep 15, 1980; 190(3): 639–646.
PMCID: PMC1162141

Survey of virally mediated permeability changes.


1. Sendai virus causes permeability changes when added to freshly isolated brain cells (cerebellum or ependymal cells) or to a culture of forebrain cells. 2. Sendai virus causes permeability changes when added to organ cultures of ferret lung or nasal turbinate. Influenza virus causes no permeability changes under these conditions. 3. Rabies virus and vesicular-stomatitis virus, in contrast with Sendai virus, do not cause permeability changes in BHK cells or Lettrée cells. 4. Serum from patients suffering from viral hepatitis does not cause permeability changes in human leucocytes; addition to Sendai virus causes permeability changes. 5. It is concluded that permeability changes accompanying viral entry occur only with certain types of paramyxovirus, but that there is little restriction on cell type. 6. MDBK cells infected with Sendai virus show permeability changes during viral release, similar to those that occur during viral entry. Because these changes do not appear to be restricted to paramyxoviruses, they may have considerable clinical significance.

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