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J Am Med Inform Assoc. 1994 Mar-Apr; 1(2): 142–160.
PMCID: PMC116193

Natural language processing and the representation of clinical data.


OBJECTIVE: Develop a representation of clinical observations and actions and a method of processing free-text patient documents to facilitate applications such as quality assurance. DESIGN: The Linguistic String Project (LSP) system of New York University utilizes syntactic analysis, augmented by a sublanguage grammar and an information structure that are specific to the clinical narrative, to map free-text documents into a database for querying. MEASUREMENTS: Information precision (I-P) and information recall (I-R) were measured for queries for the presence of 13 asthma-health-care quality assurance criteria in a database generated from 59 discharge letters. RESULTS: I-P, using counts of major errors only, was 95.7% for the 28-letter training set and 98.6% for the 31-letter test set. I-R, using counts of major omissions only, was 93.9% for the training set and 92.5% for the test set.

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