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Flow cytometric analysis of vpr-induced G2 arrest. Cells were transfected with control plasmid (pCMV-thy) or dual expression vectors encoding the murine thy-1 gene and the indicated vpr version (top of each histogram). At 48 h after transfection, the cells were analyzed for thy-1 expression and DNA content. Where indicated, the cells were treated by adding 2 mM caffeine to the medium 1 h posttransfection. Transfected cells were distinguished from untransfected ones by Thy-1 expression and were electronically gated. Histograms depict the cell cycle profile of gated Thy-1-positive cells only. The left peaks constitute cells in G1, and the right peaks constitute cells in G2/M; cells in S phase are between the G1 and G2 peaks. The frequencies of cells in different stages of the cell cycle were calculated using Multicycle AV software (Phoenix Flow Systems, San Diego, Calif.).

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