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Biochem J. Jun 1, 1985; 228(2): 443–450.
PMCID: PMC1145002

Absence of keratan sulphate from skeletal tissues of mouse and rat.


The absence of keratan sulphate synthesis from skeletal tissues of young and mature mice and rats has been confirmed by (1) analysis of specific enzyme degradation products of newly synthesized glycosaminoglycans, and (2) immunohistochemistry and radioimmunoassay using a monoclonal antibody directed against keratan sulphate. Approx. 98% of the [35S]glycosaminoglycans synthesized in vivo by mouse and rat costal cartilage, and all of those of lumbar disc, are chondroitin sulphate. The remainder in costal cartilage were identified as heparan sulphate in mature rats. In contrast, [35S]glycosaminoglycans synthesized by cornea of both species comprised both chondroitin sulphate and keratan sulphate. In mice keratan sulphate accounted for 12-25% and in rats 40-50% of the total [35S]glycosaminoglycans, depending on the age of the animal. Experiments in vitro with organ culture of cartilage and cornea confirm these results. Absence of keratan sulphate from mouse costal cartilage and lumbar disc D1-proteoglycans was corroborated by inhibition radioimmunoassay with the monoclonal antibody MZ15 and by lack of staining for keratan sulphate in indirect immunofluorescence studies using the same antibody.

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