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Biochem J. Aug 15, 1988; 254(1): 85–94.
PMCID: PMC1135043

Structure and expression of the guinea-pig alpha-lactalbumin gene.


The entire guinea-pig alpha-lactalbumin gene was isolated from a genomic DNA library constructed in the bacteriophage lambda L47. The complete nucleotide sequence of the gene and its immediate 5' and 3' flanking sequences were determined and compared with those of the human and rat alpha-lactalbumin genes. This demonstrates that the size, organization and sequence of the exons is highly conserved between species, and reveals the presence of the highly conserved potential regulatory 'milk box' consensus sequence [RGAAGRAAA(N)TGGACAGAAATCAA(CG)TTTCTA] between positions -140 and -110 relative to the transcriptional start point. A guinea-pig LINE repeat sequence was also present in the 5' flanking region between positions -520 and -1195. Transfection of the alpha-lactalbumin gene cloned in a bovine papilloma virus vector into the mouse C127 and human MCF-7 mammary tumour cell-lines gave rise to stable but seemingly constitutive expression of alpha-lactalbumin. Expression was from the correct transcriptional start point, resulting in the accumulation of correctly processed mRNA and the secretion of alpha-lactalbumin into the culture medium.

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