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Biochem J. 1989 Sep 1; 262(2): 591–596.
PMCID: PMC1133309

Ionic-strength-dependence of the oxidation of native and pyridoxal 5'-phosphate-modified cytochromes c by cytochrome c oxidase.


The ionic-strength-dependences of the rate constants (log k plotted versus square root of 1) for oxidation of native and pyridoxal 5'-phosphate-modified cytochromes c by three different preparations of cytochrome c oxidase have complex non-linear character, which may be explained on the basis of present knowledge of the structure of the oxidase and the monomer-dimer equilibrium of the enzyme. The wave-type curve (with a minimum and a maximum) for oxidation of native cytochrome c by purified cytochrome c oxidase depleted of phospholipids may reflect consecutively inhibition of oxidase monomers (initial descending part), competition between this inhibition and dimer formation, resulting in increased activity (second part with positive slope), and finally inhibition of oxidase dimers (last descending part of the curve). The dependence of oxidation of native cytochrome c by cytochrome c oxidase reconstituted into phospholipid vesicles is a curve with a maximum, without the initial descending part described above. This may reflect the lack of pure monomers in the vesicles, where equilibrium is shifted to dimers even at low ionic strength. Subunit-III-depleted cytochrome c oxidase does not exhibit the maximum seen with the other two enzyme preparations. This may mean that removal of subunit III hinders dimer formation. The charge interactions of each of the cytochromes c (native or modified) with the three cytochrome c oxidase preparations are similar, as judged by the similar slopes of the linear dependences at I values above the optimal one. This shows that subunit III and the phospholipid membrane do not seem to be involved in the specific charge interaction of cytochrome c oxidase with cytochrome c.

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