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Biochem J. Dec 15, 1992; 288(Pt 3): 721–726.
PMCID: PMC1131945

Modulation of aggrecan and link-protein synthesis in articular cartilage.


The addition of serum or insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) to the medium of explant cultures of bovine articular cartilage is known to stimulate the synthesis of aggrecan in a dose-dependent manner. The half-life of the pool of proteoglycan core protein was measured in adult articular cartilage cultured for 6 days in the presence and absence of 20 ng of IGF-I/ml and shown to be 24 min under both sets of conditions. The half-life of the mRNA pool coding for aggrecan was also determined and shown to be approx. 4 h in cartilage maintained in culture with or without IGF-I. The pool size of mRNA coding for aggrecan core protein increased 5-6-fold in cartilage explants maintained in culture in medium containing 20% (v/v) fetal-calf serum; however, in tissue maintained with medium containing IGF-I there was no increase in the cellular levels of this mRNA. This suggests that aggrecan synthesis is stimulated by IGF-I at the level of translation of mRNA coding for the core protein of this proteoglycan and that other growth factors are present in serum that stimulate aggrecan synthesis at the level of transcription of the core-protein gene. Inclusion of serum or IGF-I in the medium of cartilage explant cultures induced increases in the amounts of mRNA coding for type II collagen and link protein, whereas only serum enhanced the amount of mRNA for the core protein of decorin.

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