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Plant Physiol. Jun 1992; 99(2): 519–525.
PMCID: PMC1080494

DNA Sequence Analysis of a Complementary DNA for Cold-Regulated Arabidopsis Gene cor15 and Characterization of the COR 15 Polypeptide 1


Previous studies have indicated that changes in gene expression occur in Arabidopsis thaliana L. (Heyn) during cold acclimation and that certain of the cor (cold-regulated) genes encode polypeptides that share the unusual property of remaining soluble upon boiling in aqueous solution. Here, we identify a cDNA clone for a cold-regulated gene encoding one of the “boiling-stable” polypeptides, COR15. DNA sequence analysis indicated that the gene, designated cor15, encodes a 14.7-kilodalton hydrophilic polypeptide having an N-terminal amino acid sequence that closely resembles transit peptides that target proteins to the stromal compartment of chloroplasts. Immunological studies indicated that COR15 is processed in vivo and that the mature polypeptide, COR 15m, is present in the soluble fraction of chloroplasts. Possible functions of COR 15m are discussed.

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