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PMC is the repository for the public access policies of NIH and a number of other agencies and organizations. Typically, these policies call for the peer-reviewed, accepted manuscript to be deposited in PMC. This is often referred to as the author manuscript version. The author manuscript is the version that the journal has accepted for publication, including any revisions that the author has made during the peer-review process. An author manuscript differs from the published version of the article in that the published version usually includes additional changes made by the journal's editorial staff after acceptance of the author's peer-reviewed manuscript. These edits may be limited to matters of style and format or they could include more substantive changes made with the concurrence of the author.

Display of Author Manuscripts in PMC


Author manuscripts in PMC are clearly branded. The banner at the top of an author manuscript paper reflects the funding agency or organization (1).

The citation for the manuscript version of an article (2) denotes that the paper is an “Author manuscript” alongside the date the full text was made publicly available in PMC. The citation also includes a reference to the published article. If the article includes a digital object identifier (DOI) or is from a journal that participates in NCBI's LinkOut service, then the reference to the published article also provides a direct link to the full text of the article at the journal site. The link to the journal site is also included below the author information (3).

The PMCID and NIHMSID (or other manuscript ID) are included in the top right-hand corner of the display (4).

Policies and Submission Systems

NIH-funded author manuscripts have been deposited in PMC since 2005 via the NIH Manuscript Submission system. Over time, additional agencies and organizations have established public access policies that also require deposit of funded, peer-reviewed manuscripts in PMC via NIHMS. A list of these funders is available at Public Access and PMC.

Similar public or open access policies are also in place for papers supported by funding from agencies in the UK, Europe, and Canada. Manuscripts supported by these funding agencies may be deposited through the Europe PMC submission system or the PMC Canada submission system.

For More Information

See the list of all funded manuscripts in PMC.

For information on depositing a paper in PMC in compliance with a public access policy, see How Papers Get Into PMC.

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