Figure 1

Figure 1. From: The α-endomannosidase gene (MANEA) is associated with panic disorder and social anxiety disorder.

rs1133503 is associated with the level of MANEA mRNA in human blood cells. (a) The level of mRNA from the MANEA T-allele relative to the C-allele in blood cell RNA from rs1133503 heterozygotes (N=6). Each subject's genomic DNA was amplified in parallel as a reference for 1:1 allele ratio (T:C). (b) The relative level of MANEA mRNA in subject blood cells for different rs1133503 genotype groups normalized to HPRT. TT subjects (0.696±0.091) compared with subjects that carry the C-allele (1.034±0.086), P=0.008 (one-tailed T-test). (c) The T:C ratio in mRNA plotted along with the change in MANEA mRNA levels after actinomycin D treatment. In this graph, the T:C ratio at time zero was normalized to 100%. Error bars indicate ±s.e.m.

K P Jensen, et al. Transl Psychiatry. 2014 January;4(1):e353.

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