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Figure. From: PAR-5 is a PARty hub in the germline.

Figure 1. (A) Adult transgenic worm expressing a GFP::PAR-5 transgene. Images were taken using Nomarski optics (on the left) and the GFP fluorescent filter (on the right). The transgene is widely expressed in somatic lineages but silenced in the germline as in embryos. At the subcellular level, GFP::PAR-5 location is cytoplasmic in several cell types as ganglia neurons in the tail. These neurons at the highlighted region are showed at higher magnification (white box). (B) C. elegans as a model to screen for genes related to 14–3-3s and also drugs modifying 14–3-3 activity.

David Aristizábal-Corrales, et al. Worm. 2013 January 1;2(1):e21834.

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