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Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Molecular pathways controlling inhibitory receptor expression.

GABAA receptor subunit regulation after status epilepticus (SE). Both in vivo and in vitro evidence suggest that increased levels of BDNF release following SE results in activation of at least two different signaling pathways, JAK/STAT and PKC/MAPK, that differentially regulate expression of GABAAR subunits. Specifically, JAK/STAT pathway activation leads to increases in ICER and enhanced binding of ICER and phosphorylated CREB to the α1 promoter region, down-regulating α1 subunit expression (Left). PKC/MAPK pathway activation results in increased binding of Egr3 to the promoter region of the α4 subunit and subsequent increases in expression of this subunit (Right). Resulting changes in receptor subunit composition within dentate granule neurons from predominantly α1βγ2 to α4βγ2 may alter inhibitory function and contribute to epileptogenesis.

Heidi L. Grabenstatter, et al. Epilepsia. 2012 December;53(0 9):71-78.

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