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Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Symptomatic Patients with Intraluminal Carotid Thrombus: Outcome with a Strategy of Initial Anticoagulation.

Intraluminal Carotid Thrombus (Case 3).
A 60 year old male presented with multiple TIAs. Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) revealed 80% stenosis of the right internal carotid artery and an intraluminal carotid thrombus (ICT) (black arrow) distal to the stenosis (Fig 1A). Anticoagulant therapy was administered for 29 days. He did not experience any ischemic events in the interim. Follow up DSA demonstrated complete resolution of the ICT and 80% residual carotid stenosis (Fig 1B). The patient subsequently underwent carotid endarterectomy. There were no new ischemic events over 87 weeks of follow up.

Ananth K. Vellimana, et al. J Neurosurg. ;118(1):10.3171/2012.9.JNS12406.

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