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Figure 2

Figure 2. Scatter plots of subjects with rare variants according to substance dependence (SD) and BMI.. From: Identification of POMC Exonic Variants Associated with Substance Dependence and Body Mass Index.

Each rhombus represents a subject with a rare variant. Each row across the Y axis represents one type of rare variants. The X-axis represents two major groups: cases with substance dependence (SD) (on right side) and controls (on left side). Within each group, subjects carrying rare variants are divided into three groups according to BMI scores: the normal-weight group (BMI: 18.5–24.9), the over-weight group (BMI: 25–29.9), and the obese group (BMI ≥30). Overweight control subjects are represented with dark rhombuses and normal weight SD cases are represented with grey rhombuses.

Fan Wang, et al. PLoS One. 2012;7(9):e45300.

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