Figure 1.

Figure 1. From: Complete viral RNA genome sequencing of ultra-low copy samples by sequence-independent amplification.

Complete sequence coverage of viral coding region. (A) Reproducibility of read coverage for technical replicates for HIV clone and clinical and WNV clone samples. (B) Comparison of read coverage for HIV clone and clinical samples between Ovation RNA-Seq version 1 (red) and version 2 (blue) systems. Reads were aligned to the CDS of the relevant viral reference using Mosaik. Coverage was computed as the total number of reads covering a given residue and was normalized by the total coverage summed across all residues; at each residue, the coverage was divided by the total coverage and sum of normalized coverage equals one.

Christine M. Malboeuf, et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013 January;41(1):e13-e13.

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