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Figure 1

Figure 1. Schematic representation of phototransduction components in photoreceptors. From: CILIARY SIGNALING CASCADES IN PHOTORECEPTORS.

The outer segment (OS) is a modified cilium, with the basal body (BB) located at the apical region of the inner segment. The transition zone extends from the BB and gives rise to the axoneme, which continues into the outer segment. The disc membranes in the outer segment are enriched in rhodopsin and other proteins required for carrying out the phototransduction cascade. Part of the cascade also takes place in the overlaying RPE (retinal pigmented epithelium). In addition, RPE is also required for periodic disc shedding by phagocytosis. Only selected proteins in the outer segment are depicted in the inset. N: nucleus

Ozge Yildiz, et al. Vision Res. ;75:112-116.

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