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Fig. (1)

Fig. (1). From: Non-Coding RNAs as Therapeutic Targets in Hepatocellular Cancer.

Therapeutic approaches to target non coding RNAs. For ncRNA that are increased in expression in HCC, such as miR-221/222, miR-21, or TUC-338, therapeutic strategies to reduce their expression are considered. AntagomiRs are chemically modified, cholesterol conjugated, single strand RNA analogues complementary to selected miRNAs (or other ncRNAs). The stability and specificity of antisense miRNA could be increased by conjugation to locked nucleic acid (LNA). Several antisense oligonucleotides could potentially be combined in the so-called sponges. For ncRNA that are decreased in expression in HCC such as miR-26, potential replacement strategies using adenovirus-associated virus may be feasible.

Chiara Braconi, et al. Curr Cancer Drug Targets. ;12(9):1073-1080.

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