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Figure. From: The BECN1 coiled coil domain.

Figure 1. The assembly of ATG14- and UVRAG-containing BECN1-PIK3C3 subcomplexes as mediated by the “imperfect” dimer interface of the BECN1 coiled-coil domain. The BECN1-PIK3C3 complex core unit, consisting of PIK3C3, PIK3R4/VPS15 and BECN1, is recruited onto phagophores or other vesicles to convert PtdIns to PtdIns3P. The coiled-coil domains in BECN1, ATG14 and UVRAG are represented by the zigzag lines. The red-colored spheres on BECN1 represent the “imperfect” residues at its homodimer interface. The blue and green spheres on ATG14 and UVRAG represent the distinct sets of residues at their respective coiled-coil domains that either overcome or positively utilize the “imperfect” feature of BECN1 to form stable ATG14- or UVRAG-containing BECN1-PIK3C3 subcomplexes.

Xiaohua Li, et al. Autophagy. 2012 August 1;8(8):1258-1260.

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