Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Risk Perceptions after Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in HIV-Infected Adolescent and Young Adult Women.

Box plot demonstrating mean scores (circles), maximum score, 75th percentile, median, 25th percentile, and minimum score for the 15 individual items and each of the three subscales. The score range for each individual item is 0 to 10, and the items corresponding to each number are found in Table 2. The score range of each scale is 0 to 50, and each subscale score was computed by summing the scores of the five individual items comprising the subscale. The three subscales included: HPV (perceived risk of HPV infection after vaccination), STI (perceived risk of sexually transmitted infections other than HPV after vaccination), and Need (perceived need for safer sexual behaviors after vaccination).

Jessica A. Kahn, et al. J Adolesc Health. ;50(5):464-470.

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