Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. From: A third gyrovirus species in human faeces.

Human faeces-associated gyroviruses. (a) Genome organizations of a novel genovirus GyV3, CAV, HGyV and AGV2. (b) Global pair-wise sequence alignments of GyV3 with CAV, HGyV and AGV2 reference strains. The sequence similarity (%) is indicated by the height of each point along the y axis. The horizontal axis shows the nucleotide positions in the complete genome. (c) Phylogenetic trees generated with VP1, VP2, VP3 proteins and UTR regions of gyroviruses detected in human faeces and other gyroviruses. The scale indicates amino acid or nucleotide substitutions per position. Note: *The UTR sequences of CL33, CL37 and CL52 were not completed due to GC-rich contents.

Tung G. Phan, et al. J Gen Virol. 2012 June;93(Pt 6):1356-1361.

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