Figure 1

Figure 1. From: The discovery of placenta growth factor and its biological activity.

Schematic representation of binding properties of PlGF isoforms and PlGF/VEGF heterodimer. The possible dimers formed by PlGF monomer (gray) are represented. In the case of PlGF isoforms 2 and 4, the heparin-binding domain is represented by additional filled oval. For the heterodimer, the VEGF moiety is in orange. For VEGF receptors (green VEGFR-1, yellow VEGFR-2) the seven Ig-like domains are represented as half ovals, whereas filled rectangles represent the intracellular TK domains. The extracellular Neuropilins receptor 1 and 2 domains are represented as vertical ovals (domains ai, a2), square (b1, b2) and an horizontal oval (domain c) (Mamluk et al., 2002). Heparan sulfate is represented in red.

Sandro De Falco. Exp Mol Med. 2012 January 31;44(1):1-9.

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