Figure. From: Racial differences in the availability and use of electroconvulsive therapy for recurrent major depression.

Annual marginal disparity ratios of ECT availability and use for white versus black inpatients treated for recurrent major depression in US community hospitals, 1993-2007
Marginal disparity ratios calculated using terms from logistic models of ECT access and use. See text for specification of allowable and non-allowable covariates and and 3 for variables included in the models. Above 1, higher ratios indicate greater racial differences. All adjusted risk ratios signficantly different from 1 at p<.05 except for access in 2001. Results based on HCUP-NIS weighted sampling of 480,463 discharges of inpatients aged 18 and older with a principal ICD-9-CM diagnosis 296.3x. ECT availability defined as treatment in a hospital where at least one inpatient received ECT during the calendar year.

Brady G. Case, et al. J Affect Disord. ;136(3):359-365.

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