Fig. 1

Fig. 1. From: Heritability and Longitudinal Stability of Impulsivity in Adolescence.

Longitudinal Common Pathway Model of BIS Subscales during Waves 2 (Age 11–13) and 3 (Age 14–16). Proportions of common genetic influence (A), subscale-specific genetic influence (a), common non-shared environmental influences (E), and subscalespecific non-shared environmental influences (e). BIS-IA—2 = inattention subscale in Wave 2, BIS-M—2 = motor subscale in Wave 2, BIS-NP—2 = non-planning subscale in Wave 2, BIS-IA—3 = inattention subscale in Wave 3, BIS-M—3 = motor subscale in Wave 3, BIS-NP—3 = non-planning subscale in Wave 3. Starred values are significant and do not include 0 in their confidence interval

Sharon Niv, et al. Behav Genet. ;42(3):378-392.

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