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Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Esophageal mucosal lesion with low-dose aspirin and prasugrel mimics malignancy: A case report.

Auxiliary examination. A: Gastroendoscopy showing edematous mucosa with blood clots; B and C: Obstructive esophageal lumen and lymph nodes with some pleural effusion shown by chest contrast computed tomography; D: Barium X-ray displaying irregular esophageal wall; E and F: The mucosal lesion evaluated by white light imaging (black arrow) or narrow band imaging (white arrow) mode of endoscopy; G: Endoscopic ultrasonography showing focal minimal higher echo.

Gui-Fen Ma, et al. World J Gastroenterol. 2011 September 21;17(35):4048-4051.

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