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Figure 1

Figure 1. Ecdysone induced recruitment of CP190 to a pre-existing insulator site regulates transcriptional response to the hormone. From: Insulators organize chromatin: emerging rules of the game.

In the absence of 20-HE, sites occupied by dCTCF weakly interact. CP190 co-localizes at one of the sites. 20-HE treatment results in nuclear receptor complex occupancy (ECR-C) and activation of nearby promoters (A, green arrows). Recruitment of CP190 to the regulated dCTCF site stabilizes the loop and protects promoters that are within and downstream of it (B and C) from the influence of 20-HE. The weaker loop that can still form when CP190 protein is depleted by RNAi is insufficient to protect the promoters of these genes from activation.

Margarita Krivega, et al. Mol Cell. ;44(1):1-2.

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