Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Avoiding Mouse Traps in Schizophrenia Genetics: Lessons and Promises from Current and Emerging Mouse Models.

The chromosomal location and genetic organization of the 22q11.2 locus in humans (A) and the syntenic mouse region (B). Almost all of the functional human genes in this segment are represented in the mouse, organized in a different order. The minimal 1.5 Mb deletion is mediated by the low copy repeat sequences, illustrated as black boxes in the human chromosome. PRODH-P and DGCR6L indicate pseudogenes. Black lines above the mouse region denote the extent of the deletions in mouse models discussed in the text and summarized in Table 1. Single-gene deletion models that are discussed in the text are indicated in bold.

Mirna Kvajo, et al. Neuroscience. ;211:136-164.

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