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Figure 1

Figure 1. Recent research in our lab revealed that Twist1 directly induces transcription of PDGFRα. From: Targeting invadopodia to block breast cancer metastasis.

Upregulation of PDGFRα leads to an increase in Src kinase activity that induces the formation or stabilization of invadopodia by phosphorylation of invadopodia component proteins by Src kinase. Invadopodia formation involves discrete steps in which formation of the F-actin core is an early event, followed by recruitment and phosphorylation of invadopodia component proteins like cortactin and Tks5 before proteases are recruited to the mature invadopodia. Promising targets for chemical inhibition include [1] PDGFR signaling, [2] Src kinase activity, and [3] metalloprotease activity at invadopodia (including MMP2, MMP9, and MT1-MMP).

Mark A. Eckert, et al. Oncotarget. 2011 July;2(7):562-568.

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