Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Microbiome influences on insect host vector competence.

Tsetse female with its symbionts Sodalis, Wigglesworthia and Wolbachia and the parasite African trypanosome. The cartoon shows the major organs where the symbionts are located. During its transmission in the fly, the trypanosome resides in the midgut and then in the salivary glands of the fly. In the midgut the trypanosome is in close proximity to Wigglesworthia housed in the bacteriome organ and Sodalis found in the midgut. Thus anti-pathogenic products expressed by Sodalis or induced by Wigglesworthia can have an adverse effect on trypanosome transmission (shown by inset labeled bacteriome). The symbionts Sodalis and Wigglesworthia are maternally transmitted to the intrauterine progeny in the milk while Wolbachia is transovarially transmitted (shown by inset labeled milk gland/reproductive tract). Contributed by Geoffrey Attardo.

Brian Weiss, et al. Trends Parasitol. ;27(11):514-522.

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