Figure 1A-B. From: Modification of the Abbott RealTime assay for detection of HIV-1 plasma RNA viral loads less than one copy per milliliter.

Efficient recovery of HIV over a wide range of copy numbers after concentration from 30ml of plasma. In two separate experiments, show in 1A and 1B, different volumes of HIV-positive plasma of known viral load (measured using the Abbott assay) were spiked into 30ml aliquots of HIV-negative donor plasma to get known copy numbers of HIV. The x-axis shows the log10 of the number of copies added to 30 ml of plasma (input). Virions were then pelleted by centrifugation on iodixanol, resuspended in 1 ml of PBS, and measured again using the Abbott assay. The y-axis shows the log10 of the number of copies in the 1 ml of PBS (output). In 1A, error bars indicate the SEM from two independent replicates.

Steven A. Yukl, et al. J Virol Methods. ;175(2):10.1016/j.jviromet.2011.04.015.

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