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Figure 1

Figure 1. iRhoms regulate EGF secretion through ERAD. From: iRhoms: ERADicating the messenger in growth control signaling.

The secretion of EGF-family ligands is constitutively regulated by ER transmembrane pseudoprotease called iRhoms. (Top)_After folding and post-translational modification in the ER, EGF can bind to iRhom on the ER membrane, which targets EGF to the ERAD machinery for degradation. This process requires the ERAD components EDEM2 and HRD1, and the 26S proteasome. (Bottom) Alternatively, EGF is packaged in COPII vesicles for trafficking to the Golgi apparatus where it is cleaved by rhomboid proteases and released from the cell.

Stewart Siyan Cao, et al. Dev Cell. ;20(4):414-416.

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