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Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Cdc5 blocks in vivo rad53 activity, but not in situ activity (ISA).

In vivo inhibition of Rad53 activity by CDC5 overexpression. DNA damage was induced at the zero time point in strains yDPT195-1 (cdc13-1 SLD3-3xFLAG::HYG) and yDPT196-1 (cdc13-1 SLD3-3xFLAG::HYG URA3::GalCDC5). After overnight growth in rich media with 2% raffinose, cultures were shifted to 32°C, the non-permissive temperature of the cdc13-1 allele. After two hours, 10 µg/ml nocodazole and 2% galactose, to induce CDC5, were added to the cultures. The samples were collected at the indicated time points and analyzed by western blot and ISA. Sld3 and Rad53 were detected in the western blot with α-FLAG and α-Rad53 (DAB001, gift from the Durocher lab) antibodies, respectively.

Jaime Lopez-Mosqueda, et al. Cell Cycle. 2010 November 1;9(21):4266-4268.

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