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Fig. 1

Fig. 1. From: Virulence mechanisms of Tannerella forsythia.

Schematic representation of the domain structure of BspA. Numbers in parenthesis indicate amino acid residues comprising each domain. Abbreviations: Big_2, bacterial Ig-like domains; CTD, C-terminal domain; LRR, leucine-rich repeats; N-sig; N-terminal secretion signal.

Ashu Sharma. Periodontol 2000. ;54(1):106-116.
Fig. 2

Fig. 2. From: Virulence mechanisms of Tannerella forsythia.

Three-dimensional computer model of the BspA protein showing horse-shoe shaped LRR domain in the N-terminal and four Ig-like domains in the C-terminal region. As mentioned in the text, at least one of the adjacent Ig-like domains is predicted to stabilize the LRR domain (courtesy of Dr. J. P. Malone, University at Buffalo).

Ashu Sharma. Periodontol 2000. ;54(1):106-116.

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