Figure 1

Figure 1. Retrograde BMP Signaling at the Drosophila Larval NMJ. From: M?nage ? Trio during BMP-Mediated Retrograde Signaling at the NMJ.

Gbb is released by muscle cells, promoting the dimerization of presynaptic Wit and Tkv or Sax. The receptor then phosphorylates Mad within the motor neuron, which establish a complex with Medea. The P-Mad/Medea complex is translocated into the motor neuron nucleus, where it binds to target genes. One such target gene is the GEF Trio, a regulator of Rac, which is thought to regulate the synaptic cytoskeleton, promoting synaptic growth (see text for further details). μT, microtubule; glu, glutamate; GluR, glutamate receptor.

Yuly Fuentes-Medel, et al. Neuron. 2010 May 27;66(4):473-475.

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