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Fig. 2.

Fig. 2. From: Phase II trial of pazopanib (GW786034), an oral multi-targeted angiogenesis inhibitor, for adults with recurrent glioblastoma (North American Brain Tumor Consortium Study 06-02).

The upper row shows a baseline scan of a patient with a gadolinium-enhancing left temporal glioblastoma with vasogenic edema on FLAIR and increased rCBV and Ktrans, a measurement of vessel permeability and total vessel surface. The lower row shows a partial response after 4 weeks of treatment according to the Levin's criteria but <50% reduction in the sum of products of perpendicular diameters (Macdonald criteria). The reduction in contrast enhancement is accompanied by decreased vasogenic edema on FLAIR, rCBV, and Ktrans.

Fabio M. Iwamoto, et al. Neuro Oncol. 2010 August;12(8):855-861.

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