Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Age Dependence of Expression of Growth Factor Receptors in Porcine ACL Fibroblasts.

The fitted lines from the linear regression of growth factor expression on age (dashed lines). The solid lines give the upper and the lower limits of the corresponding 95% CIs. Statistically significant association with age was found for TGF-β-R1 (p = 0.01), FGF-R (p <0.01), and VEGF-R2 (p = 0.05). Association with age can be considered borderline significant for TGF-β-R3 (p = 0.08) and PDGF-R (p = 0.09).

Patrick Vavken, et al. J Orthop Res. ;28(8):1107-1112.

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