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Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. From: The fms21 (pilA)-fms20 locus encoding one of four distinct pili of Enterococcus faecium is harboured on a large transferable plasmid associated with gut colonization and virulence .

PFGE of S1 nuclease digested genomic DNA showing large plasmids of E. faecium isolates and hybridizations with hylEfm, pilA (fms21) and fms20 probes. (a) PFGE of S1 digestions of total genomic DNA. Plasmid bands are shown as linearized fragments on the gel; the white arrows represent the plasmid bands hybridizing with the different probes tested in the following panels. (b) Hybridizations with the hylEfm probe. (c) Hybridizations with the fms20 probe. (d) Hybridizations with the pilA ( fms21) probe. Lanes: 1, lambda ladder; 2, TX0016; 3, TX2158; 4, TX1330RF; 5, TX0068; 6, TX0074; 7, TX0081; 8, TX0082.

David S. Kim, et al. J Med Microbiol. 2010 April;59(Pt 4):505-507.

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