Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Global identification of protein kinase substrates by protein microarray analysis.

Workflow of a protein microarray-based kinase assay to identify candidate substrates targeted by the yeast kinases. Shown are a representative probing of a yeast proteome microarray generated using an N-terminal GST overexpression ORF collection probed with anti-GST antibodies followed by Cy5-labeled anti-rabbit antibodies (entire array with all 40 blocks, left), a control kinase assay preformed in the absence of any kinase (single block of 256 spots, upper right), and a [γ-33P]ATP Tpk1 kinase assay (single block of 256 spots, lower right). Dark spots in each of the kinase assays represent radiolabeled phosphorylated proteins. Positive controls for kinase assays are printed in each corner of the block and serve as reference points on the slide. Figure is adapted from Ptacek et al., Nature 438 (2005).

Janine Mok, et al. Nat Protoc. ;4(12):1820-1827.

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