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Figure 1

Figure 1. Virologic and immunologic responses according to co-receptor usage by the enhanced sensitivity tropism assay among subjects randomized to receive vicriviroc. From: Response to Vicriviroc in Treatment-Experienced Subjects Using an Enhanced Sensitivity Co-receptor Tropism Assay: Reanalysis of AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5211.

Three vicriviroc dose arms combined. Intent-to-treat approach; last observation carried forward following virologic failure or study discontinuation. N= 15, 72, 5, 64 for subjects who had DM virus at screening (DM virus group), R5 virus at screening (R5 virus group), R5 virus at screening but DM virus at entry (R5_DM virus group), and R5 virus at both screening and entry (R5_R5 virus group), respectively, for the day 14 results; N=14, 66, 5, and 58 for the same 4 groups, respectively for the week 24 results; Seven subjects in the 5-mg group who increased their dose to 15 mg prior to week 24 were not included in the week 24 analysis. The 15 subjects in the DM virus group include 4 subjects who had R5 virus by the enhanced sensitivity assay at study entry. P-values were from linear regression analysis adjusted for study stratification factors (see Methods), and baseline log10 HIV-1 RNA (for change in HIV-1 RNA) or CD4 count (for change in CD4 count). Vertical bars on the graph represent lower bounds of 95% confidence intervals.

Zhaohui Su, et al. J Infect Dis. ;200(11):1724-1728.

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